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RESEARCH QUESTION: Do Croatian economic policies lead to sustainability with respect to scarce resources, demographic changes, spatial effects and economic structure? Long term Croatian economic policy and development stem from both short term policies and long term sustainability. By combining macroeconomic and development policies, the long term objectives of sustainability of natural resources, public sector economics, demographic changes, spatial economics and overall economic structure may be achieved. Thus, the goals of this research stem from the above stand point, and include: • Establish development policies for Croatia based on sustainable use of natural resources • Show how change of age structure in Croatia affects fiscal sustainability and short and long run economic development • Explore how three way interaction among increasing returns, transportation costs, and movement of factors of production affect international, regional and urban development • Analyze structure of Croatian economy suitable for sustainable and deeper integration into the EU • Define integrative policies which lead to sustainable development of Croatian economy For achieving above mentioned goals, the project team is separated into four equally contributing groups and is structured as follows: 1. Sustainability of economic development within the context of scarce natural resources. 2. Sustainability of public sector economics and the labor market in the context of demographic changes in Croatia. 3. Sustainability of the degree of centralization in the context of spatial (international, urban and regional) economics. 4. Sustainability of current economic structure within the context of the EU integration Outcomes of the research will be innovative approach to controversy of long vs. short term development and stability, as well as integrative approach to different, and thus far, insufficiently interconnected fields of economic research.


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01-10-2014 - 30-09-2018

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