Prospektivno biopsihosocijalno istraživanje utjecaja seksualno eksplicitnih materijala na socijalizaciju i zdravlje mladih

Opis projekta
Digital technology has enabled an unprecedented availability and unrestricted use of sexually explicit material (SEM). As the first experiences with SEM almost invariably precede first sexual experiences, concerns have been raised about its potential impact on young people’s sexual socialization, subsequent reproductive and sexual health outcomes, as well as motivation and capacity for building and maintaining relationship intimacy. The field of socio-behavioural research on SEM has been marred by inability to distinguish between associations and causal links. The only available European panel study followed Dutch youth for only 12 months. To enable a more robust assessment of the links between SEM use and sexual socialization, health, and intimacy we propose to set up a 3-year panel sample with over 1,000 high-school students. The panel would be used to carry out biological testing on males (testosterone levels from saliva) and repeated online surveying in which the genre and the frequency of SEM use would be analyzed as predictors of subsequent sexual activity (particularly, sexual risk taking), the dynamics of attitudes toward women and committed relationships. We propose to test a conceptual model in which possible SEM influences on the outcomes are influenced by T levels, personality traits, family environment, characteristics of ego-centered social network, type of SEM used, and sexual experiences. Our biopsychosocial model aims to assess the contribution of SEM use to the process of young people’s sexual socialization, while controlling for the effects of biological makeup, intrapersonal characteristics, and interpersonal and group (family, peer group, partners) social influences. The proposed project is innovative in design and analytical conceptualization. The expected outcomes should be relevant not only in scientific terms but also in the context of public policy, particularly in the area of educational and public health interventions.


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HRZZ - Hrvatska zaklada za znanost

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 IP - Istraživački projekti

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488.300,00 HRK

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2014-09-01 - 2018-08-31

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Filozofski fakultet, Zagreb - (488.300,00 HRK)

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Aleksandar Štulhofer (MBZ: 164583, CROSBI: 28105) - nema - Voditelj projekta [2014-09-01 - 2018-08-31]