Uloga signalnog puta Wnt u epitelno-mezenhimskoj tranziciji

Opis projekta
In the proposed research project we aim to determine the involvement of Dishevelled and TCF/LEF families of human genes in the process of Epithelial-to-Mesenchymal Transition (EMT) in brain tumors. We believe that the changes of structure and expression of the selected genes correlate with the phenotypic changes of tumor cells. EMT is a process very much involved in invasion and progression of tumors. Many oncogenic signaling pathways can induce EMT. The classical Wnt pathway has a particularly tight link with EMT and it has been shown that nuclear translocation of beta-catenin can induce EMT. Wnt pathway is one of the basic cellular pathways whose misregulation plays important roles in tumorigenesis and whose mediators of transcription are members of TCF/LEF family. Another important protein family is the Dishevelled considered to be the central hub of Wnt signaling since it interacts with Wnt receptors and recruits the multiprotein beta-catenin destruction complex. The experiments of the proposed research will use modern methods of molecular biology for the analyses of brain tumor samples of different malignancy grades. The genetic changes will be tracked by PCR/loss of heterozygosity, heteroduplex and Spreadex electorphoresis (Elchrom Scientific, Switzerland) methods. Expression of selected proteins will be studied by immunohistochemistry demonstrating their location in tumor cells. Besides its scientific value, results from the proposed project will have an application in medical diagnostics. Identifying changes in molecules responsible for control of cell motility will give us the preconditions for understanding the invasiveness of brain tumors and offer new disease progression markers. Our experimental evidence would also encourage the development of therapies that specifically interfere with Wnt signaling in cancer.


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01-09-2014 - 31-08-2018

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Medicinski fakultet, Zagreb - Nositelj (800.000,00 HRK) [01-09-2014 - 31-08-2018]

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