Upravljanje povjerenjem i koordinacija interakcija u pametnim mrežama ljudi, strojeva i organizacija

Opis projekta
We live in a networked society where everything is connected. By 2020 there will be 8 billion people and 50 billion machines in the world and almost all of them will be connected through some kind of network. Furthermore, people and machines that share a certain collective goal will be grouped into some kind of organization, which again will be connected with other organizations and/or people/machines. In order to maintain sustainability of the networked society we need a framework and algorithms which will enable us to i) manage trust; and ii) coordinate interactions in such a complex eco-system consisting of thousands, millions or even billions of interconnected entities. Both the framework and algorithms should be scalable and robust (from the perspective of a network size and heterogeneity), support real-time dynamics (from the perspective of network interactions) as well as be applicable and analyzable at different levels of granularity (at a micro, mezzo and macro network levels). A possible solution for the framework is the “Smart Network”, where people/machines/organizations are represented as nodes which are described by profiles and build a network of connections. The “smartness” of “Smart Networks” stems from profiling nodes and realizing connections using automated computational methods, what is enabled by latest enhancements in information systems and state-of-the-art solutions in communication technologies. The “Smart Network” framework enables design of scalable, robust and real-time algorithms for managing trust and coordinating interactions because it can be i) formally operationalized as a graph where edges represent nodes and vertices represent connections; ii) functionally modeled as a multi-agent system where agents embody edges and relationships embody vertices; and iii) analyzed through complexity theory where sustainable solutions emerge as a result of a bottom-up modeling principle.


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01-07-2014 - 30-06-2017

Ustanova - uloga
Fakultet elektrotehnike i računarstva, Zagreb - Nositelj (823.235,00 HRK) [01-07-2014 - 30-06-2017]

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Vedran Podobnik (MBZ: 295996, CROSBI: 23796) - Fakultet elektrotehnike i računarstva, Zagreb - Voditelj projekta [01-07-2014 - 30-06-2017]