repeticije višeg reda i globalna repeticijska mapa za genome neandertalca, čovjeka i čimpanze

Opis projekta
One of the key questions of modern genomics is the investigation of noncoding DNA because of possible important role as regulators. Thus of importance are complex repeats and higher order repeats, with potential significance in medicine and biological evolution. The main objective of the project includes the state-of-the-art identification of comprehensive map of higher order repeats (HORs), using our Global Repeat Map (GRM) algorithm for neandertal and NCBI assemblies of human and chimpanzee genomes. It will be of significant interest to discover how these dynamically changeable structures evolved, by analysis and comparison of similar repeats. Our initial published results and pilot studies are encouraging. The interdisciplinary scientific objectives will be achieved at interface between genomics, bioinformatics, mathematical methods, nonlinear dynamics and advanced scientific computing. For the need of large-scale studies in this project we will develop advanced version of our GRM program applicable on the environment of advanced computing and distributed calculations in cluster, grid and cloud cmputing at the Faculty of Science. Major project outcomes include free Catalogue of Global Repeat Maps for HORs with large secondary repeat units of three specieses (web-based database service), novel advanced GRM version for users and workshops for training foreign and domestic young researchers in the use of advanced GRM. Including M.Sc. and Ph.D students as co-workers will contribute to training of researchers in the early stages of research career and support transfer of know-how in the frontier of of computing methods. Activities are planned to increase visibility of the ongoing research and support dissemination of results to the international research community, including publications in international journals, contributions to international workshops and conferences, inviting guest scientists from abroad and initiating new international collaborations.


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HRZZ - Hrvatska zaklada za znanost

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 IP - Istraživački projekti

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667.000,00 HRK

Trajanje projekta
01-06-2015 - 06-01-2019

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Hrvatska akademija znanosti i umjetnosti - (667.000,00 HRK) [01-06-2015 - 06-01-2019]

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Vladimir Paar (MBZ: 34485, CROSBI: 18980) - nema - Voditelj projekta [01-06-2015 - 06-01-2019]