Intelligent Urban Water Management System

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Improving the efficiency of water management in Europe was recognised by the EC as essential for overcoming the growing exposure of European countries to Water Scarcity and Droughts. UrbanWater proposes a platform that will enable a better end-to-end water management in urban areas, accounting for 17% of freshwater consumption in the EU.The project will undertake the development, demonstration, and economic up-scaling of an innovative ICT-based platform for the efficient integrated management of water resources. The system will benefit end-users, utilities, public authorities, the environment and the general public, in terms of: (i) providing consumers with comprehensive tools enabling them to use water more efficiently thereby reducing overall consumption; (ii) helping water utilities to meet demand at reduced costs; and (iii) fostering new partnerships between water authorities, utility, equipment and software companies so as to ensure the successful commercialisation of the system and the evolution of the European water sector as a global leader.The system will incorporate advanced metering solutions, real-time communication of consumption data and new data management technologies with real-time predictive capability, demand forecasting, consumption pattern interpretation, decision support systems, adaptive pricing and user empowerment solutions.The UrbanWater consortium includes ICT companies, research organisations, water utilities and authorities with complementary capacities and all the know-how required to oversee the successful completion of the project. Two water distributors included in the group will undertake large-scale validations with their urban users, thus promoting a final outcome that is close to the market and to the end-users.The final outcome of the project will remain open and interoperable with energy and water management schemes, thus positively impacting not only water consumption, but overall usage of natural resources across Europe.


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 FP7 - Sedmi okvirni program

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4.646.194,00 EUR

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2012-12-01 - 2015-05-31

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