Dijalektološka i jezičnopovijesna istraživanja hrvatskog jezika

Opis projekta
Scientific project „Researches on dialectology and history of the Croatian language“ (DJIH) deals with two sides of the medal of the Croatian language, its dialectological side and the side of its linguistic history. It means that the project discusses contemporary Croatian dialectal situation of organic idioms and the genesis of Croatian dialects, on one side, and the Croatian linguistic heritage as written (recorded) in literary works and other linguistic monuments, on the other side. It is expected that the project will offer scientific results of great importance. They mainly refer to seven monographs written by five authors, and to other contributions, too. All those contributions will enrich the (present) knowledge about the Croatian language from Istria to Dubrovnik and from Gorski kotar to the western part of Srijem, as well as elsewhere, i. e. in the areas where the Croatian speaking population is present or was present in the past. It could be expected that the project would improve the Croatian genetic linguistics, first of all the study of the Kajkavian and Čakavian dialect, and then the Croatian dialectology as a whole. It means that speeches of the Štokavian dialect will also be entirely included in the research, as well as the idioms of the Torlakian dialect spoken by Croats. It is particularly important that the work on this project will considerably improve the quality of scientific activity of each scientist engaged in this project (member of this project team), particularly of junior researchers. Thanks to this project not only new facts will be available, but it will also serve as a basis for a future Centre for Croatian dialectology, (planned to be founded) at the University of Zadar.


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HRZZ - Hrvatska zaklada za znanost

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 IP - Istraživački projekti

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224.500,00 HRK

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01-05-2015 - 05-01-2019

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