Klasifikacija i objašnjenja antisocijalnog poremećaja osobnosti i moralna i kaznena odgovornost u kontekstu Hrvatskog zakona o mentalnom zdravlju i skrbi

Opis projekta
This interdisciplinary project investigates the problem of the social response in Croatia to a class of offenders classified as having antisocial personality disorders. The core methodology consists in conducting philosophical investigations that are aimed at offering practical recommendations and that are constrained by knowledge of the practical setting of Croatian mental health law and care. Two central philosophical issues appear to be relevant to the philosophical investigation and, thus, addressing them is the aim of the project. First, a significant part of the contemporary debate on the social response to antisocial personality disorder centers on this notion. Some have argued that this notion involves normative preconceptions against the liberties of certain individuals. Others have questioned the accuracy and scientific robustness of the diagnosis of antisocial personality disorders and its precision of related risk predictions. Second, the justification for choosing the appropriate treatment for people with antisocial personality disorder must also be a moral one. In particular, a relevant type of moral justification has to be grounded in principles that correlate psychological descriptions and explanations of a person’s behavior with his or her degree of responsibility. Similarly, compulsory treatment appears to be conditional upon a person’s diminished responsibility or capacity to act accordingly to a treatment decision, together with the existence of a risk to themselves or to others. The philosophical investigation of the project will be integrated with the contributions of a leading forensic psychiatrist in Croatia, a sociological qualitative analysis of the practices and challenges that are encountered by institutional representatives in the forensic department of the Rab psychiatric hospital and an historical investigation of the institutional response to antisocial personality disorder in the region in the period 1918-1980.


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HRZZ - Hrvatska zaklada za znanost

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2014-09-01 - 2018-08-31

Ustanova - uloga
Filozofski fakultet, Rijeka - Nositelj (318.200,00 HRK)

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Luca Malatesti - nema - Voditelj projekta
Vesna Šendula-Jengić - nema - Suradnik
Predrag Šustar - nema - Suradnik
Marko Jurjako - nema - Suradnik
Zdenka Brzović - nema - Suradnik
Filip Čeč - nema - Suradnik
Dalida Rittossa - nema - Suradnik
John McMillan - nema - Suradnik
Mariastella Pulvirenti - nema - Suradnik
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Jelena Hodak - nema - Suradnik
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